Day 2 – Session 3 : Innovative programmes, methods, tools and actions on regional level

SESSION 3: Innovative programmes, methods, tools and actions on regional level

Animated by Massimo Bricocoli PhD, professor, University of Luxembourg

  • Keynote: Evaluating the Governance of Design in the Built Environment, the CABE Experiment and Beyond – the Leadership role of government in Built Environment Design,
    Matthew Carmona PhD, Professor at Barlett School of Urban Planning (UK)


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Best practice examples on regional and local level


  • There is no small architecture!
    Chantal Dassonville, Deputy Director-General in charge of Architecture at the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles-FWB, Belgium


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  • Regional Baukultur in Germany
    Lars-Christian Uhlig, Directorate Baukultur, Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, Germany


the video from Lars-Christian will be available on request, please contact the LUCA.

  • – a public architectural policy based on French national strategy and a reform of the Regions
    Lorenzo Diez, Director, National School of Architecture Nancy, France


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  • The architectural competition as a tool for architectural quality-guidelines for local implementation
    Sala Makumbundu, Secretary-General of the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers OAI, Luxembourg


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  • Plenary feedback and discussion.
    With: Lars-Christian Uhlig, Sala Makumbundu, Tiina Valpola, Lorenzo Diez, Chantal Dassonville, Tarja Laine