Day 2 – Session 1: Architectural Policies – national level

SESSION 1: Architectural Policies – national level

Animated by Prof. Dr. Markus Hesse, professor on urban studies, University of Luxembourg

  • « The big picture – National Architectural Policies in Europe, an overview »,
    João Ferreira Bento, in representation of the network for Architecture policies


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Reports from countries that newly implemented National Architectural Policies:


  • Building Culture: a new policy area in Switzerland,
    Dr. Claudia Schwalfenberg, in charge of Baukultur at the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA), Switzerland


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  • ApolitikA 2013-2020: Croatia’s new guidelines for quality and culture of building,
    Dr. Borka Bobovec, Assistant Minister of Construction and Physical Planning, Croatia


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  • “Política Nacional de Arquitetura e Paisagem”, Portugal’s newly implemented architectural policy 2015,
    Jorge Bonito Santos, Order of Architects, member of the Portuguese Architecture and Landscape Monitoring Committee


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  • The new Danish Architectural Policy 2014,
    Jesper Dahl, Head of Division, Danish Agency for Culture – Rikke Lequick Larsen, senior project manager, Danish Architecture Center


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  • Plenary feedback and discussion.
    With: Rikke Lequick Larsen, Jesper Dahl, Borka Bobovec, João Ferreira Bento, Claudia Schwalfenberg, Jorge Bonito Santos